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Hi all, Here is information on the upcoming Ulster-Scots stage musical scheduled to premiere in Atlanta, Ga, in May of 2004. It will be followed by a documentary which will show on many PBS stations and the stage musical itself will be put to film. The production originating in Belfast, NI tells the story of the Ulster (Scotch-Irish) immigration to America. Cheers, Paul Smallwood, President, Ulster-Scots Society Of America

On Eagle’s Wing.

The Eagle will land in Atlanta on 7th May 2004!!

‘On Eagle’s Wing’ – a joyous new musical show which celebrates the history of the Scotch-Irish – is due to hit the stage for the first time in the Gwinnett Center Arena, Atlanta, Ga, on Friday 7th May 2004.

‘On Eagle’s Wing’ is a spectacular stage show, written and composed by John Anderson. A musical, a dance show using choirs, bands, pipes, drums, actors, dancers and orchestra. A family entertainment which celebrates the history of the Scots-Irish. The people that gave America 17 presidents, a whole host of rogues, revolutionaries, religious leaders and academics. The story of a people who left their farms in the Lowlands of Scotland 4 centuries ago and who travelled to Ireland. Some stayed, but others continued the journey west to the New World of America. In style, think 'Les Miserables' meets 'Riverdance'. The show is designed to have the widest possible appeal. It's not a history lesson, but its universal themes will speak to dispossessed peoples all over the world. Its tone will be inclusive, its purpose is to reach out a hand of friendship and understanding. It will be a great night out featuring spectacular dance sequences, great songs and lots of emotion, both light and shade.

There's more!

'On Eagle's Wing' is also an innovative television documentary which traces the remarkable historical journey of these people from Scotland, through Ireland to Pennsylvania, where they first made their mark in the early 1700's, through the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to the Carolinas and Georgia and beyond. The film will combine elements of the stage show with expert historical opinion, fabulous location photography and imaginative reconstruction.. Then there will be the television version of the stage show, available to broadcasters all over the world and also geared for sell-through on video and DVD and, of course, the CD of the soundtrack.

To sum up - the stage show will be premiered on 7th May 2004 in Atlanta and will then travel on to Jacksonville and Baltimore. It will then come home to Ireland for its European debut in Belfast’s Odyssey Arena on Friday 28th May. The stage show will then return to the United States in the Fall for an extensive tour.

See also http://www.oneagleswingshow.com/

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